Tall Lofted Barn (Wood Siding)

Tall Loft Barns Available for Lease or Purchase

Wood Siding Tall Wall Loft Barn by Oakley Portable Buildings, LLC

Tall Lofted Barn Sizes & Prices

SizeCashRentTotal (Rent)
8 X 12$2095$99$3561
8 X 16$2395$113$4071
10 X 12$2450$115$4160
10 X 16$2895$136$4921
10 X 20$3350$158$5695
12 X 16$3450$163$5865
12 X 20$3995$188$6791
12 X 24$4995$215$7735
12 X 28$5095$240$8661
12 X 32$5650$267$9605

Our Wood Siding Loft Barn

is one of our most popular sellers! Our Loft Barns include a loft at each end and professional painting in our work shop. Our doors are a full 60″ wide to accommodate most mowers.(We can make them wider if needed.) You also get ¾” tongue and groove engineered flooring. Over 2×6 floor joists. ( No extra charge!! Check with the other guys and you will pay $10/sheet for this.) This means more strength to hold up more storage. Please visit our sales lot or contact us to learn about your options!