Metal Tall Wall Barn

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Metal Tall Wall Barn by Oakley Portable Buildings, LLC

Metal Tall Wall Barn Sizes & Prices

SizeCashRentTotal (Rent)
8 X 12$1930$91$3280
8 X 16$2375$112$4038
10 X 12$2425$114$4123
10 X 16$2775$131$4718
10 X 20$3230$152$5491
12 X 16$3450$163$5865
12 X 20$3830$181$6511
12 X 24$4275$202$7268
12 X 28$4730$223$8041
12 X 32$5195$245$8831

Metal Siding Tall Wall Barns

come in numerous sizes! Our Tall Barns include a loft at each end, 26gauge commercial grade metal siding, installed vertically (no extra charge). Our doors are a full 60″ wide to accommodate most mowers.(We can make them wider if needed.) You also get 3/4″ Advantech tongue & groove flooring over 2×6 floor joist. This means more strength to hold up more storage. All built locally at our Stillwater manufacturing and sales lot. Please visit our sales lot or contact us to learn about your options!