Horse Shed (Metal Siding)

Safe and Sturdy Metal Sheds for Your Horse

Metal Horse Shed Sizes & Prices

SizeCashRentTotal (Rent)
8 X 12$1295$61$2202
8 X 16$1680$79$2856
10 X 12$1575$79$2678
10 X 16$2045$97$3477
10 X 20$2510$118$4267
12 X 16$2425$114$4123
12 X 20$2975$140$5058
12 X 24$3530$167$6001
12 X 2$4080$192$6936
12 X 28$4630$219$7871

All of our Horse Sheds

are wrapped with 1/4″ X 3″ plate steel and bolted at each corner base, providing a sturdy structure to last for years that is movable by hooking a chain to the bull nose rings on the ends and pulling it with a tractor or pickup. Convenient. We wrap our horse sheds with 26 ga metal (that’s the thick stuff) compared to our competitor’s 29 ga (higher the number, thinner the metal). Built just like we would want for our own horses. Tough and ready for work. You will love our horse sheds because your horse will love it and thank you for it too, by staying dry and healthy. That saves on the Vet and Farrier bills as well! We also line the inside of our Horse Sheds with 4 (four) rows of 2×6 rails. Did we tell you this was tough or what? We are always looking for ways to improve and build the best structures on the market. Check our display lot for ideas and help with your next Horse Shed.

How about a handy tack room added onto your horse shed?